Our Services

Media Production and Media Placement - Since 2001 we have created award winning political online, television and radio commercials in both English and Spanish. We work with USA candidates and PACs. Our media placement team micro targets ad budgets and can often double the impact of of hard earned campaign media dollars. Purchase an online video and if the day arrives to air on television we will convert to standard definition or high definition formats and deliver to the cable and/or broadcast stations. If Gold Medal Media Group LLC conducts the media placement, there is no charge for this service.

We invite you to review our 2018 Presentation Deck of our services.

Online Focus Groups - Our focus group service confirms the message of your Online video, Television or Radio commercial(s). We pay our participants. Our process is to create two or three commercials that are critically judged. It is amazing what your campaign or PAC will learn from the feedback. We ask our clients to consider this question: If you are going to invest thousands of dollars in a media buy, isn’t it worth $5,000 to be certain that the message you need delivered to the voters, is indeed being delivered?

Political Polling - Since 2006 our company has conducted political polls for USA Candidates and PACs. Our political polls are fast, accurate and affordable. In 2016 our internal polls predicted a Trump Victory.

Campaign Media Advisor - Since 2006 we have served as the exclusive political campaign media advisor for all levels of campaigns from US Senate to County Sheriff. We handle all elements of the political media process including concept design, production of media and placement. Our contributions to your campaign will go far beyond media. Put nearly two decades of political media experience to work for your campaign or PAC. Due to the time commitment required, we will only represent three candidates or PACs during each election cycle. The flat fee for our services is $5,000 plus a commitment to exclusively use our media production, media placement and polling services. The 2018 election cycle has started and we can only assist one more candidate or PAC. Call today to learn more. 202-774-9990.

No Obligation Campaign Review Thinking of running for office? Just beginning your campaign? In the middle of the campaign and need help? There is never a fee for a telephone consultation. We will help you assess the vote targets needed to win, discuss polling and media requirements for your campaign. In less than five minutes you will understand why one client wrote "Spectacular! I hope your company never goes away. You made the process easy, the cost was low and the quality of all four commercials were impressive. I am meeting next week with a group of candidates who can all benefit from your service." CALL US TODAY 202-774-9990.