Political Candidate Reviews - Gold Medal Media Group LLC strives to provide the highest level of service possible. We display a sample of the many kind words received from our political clients.

”I recommend a poll to all statewide candidates. I was unsure at first, but your poll proved to be the difference in our close race. We had the competitive advantage from the moment we received the polling results.”
2018 Indiana Primary Candidate

"Thank you for your insight and fast work. We never could have accomplished so much in such a short time without your help."
2016 Super PAC

"Fine work! Thank you for your help.”
2014 Colorado Independent Expenditure Group

”Your benchmark poll was a perfect snapshot of our district. You saved our campaign time and a lot of money!“
2018 Ohio Primary Candidate

Our Political Polling is Accurate - Gold Medal Media Group LLC is dedicated to assisting Federal. State and Local Candidates, PACs & Advocacy Groups of all budget sizes. We thank our current and past clients for their kind words.

"Thank you for the great polling work. You work fast. I appreciate your professionalism and insight. The results put our campaign at ease."
2012 Maryland Clerk of Court Candidate

"The polling data collected in July for our campaign mirrored the CNN exit polls on election night. The team at Gold Medal Media Group LLC has political sense beyond polling. They care about their clients."
2006 & 2010 Texas US Senate Candidate

”Every poll had Trump losing. Your two call center approach and experience reading the results was the difference.”
2016 Pennsylvania Advocacy Group