Political Candidate Reviews - Gold Medal Media Group LLC strives to provide the highest level of service possible. We display a sample of the many kind words received from our political and small business clients.

”Voted 2017 Saint Louis Park (Minneapolis MN) Advertising and Production Agency of the Year”.

”I hope you always make commercials. Your team is exceptional!”

”Thank you so much. You have been a big help and I will pass your name on to every one that will be running for public office in the future.”

"Nice work on the commercial. Everybody liked it. I mean everybody, not one bad comment. I have to say your response to my inquiries has been superb. One more reason for me to recommend you for future work."

"Spectacular! I hope your company never goes away. You made the process easy, the cost was low and the quality of all four commercials were impressive. I am meeting next week with a group of candidates who can all benefit from your service."

”I was impressed at how fast the cable company had the television commercial your team created for us. All we needed was the code you emailed us.”

”We won our key twenty States in large part due to your creative ads and targeted placement.”

"The commercials sound great. Super stuff--and what incredible turnaround. Many, many thanks."

"I really like the Online video ads you made for me. I posted them to my campaign website and in less than week have had over 10,000 hits.

”Thanks you for the great commercials. We won by a landslide, over 60% of the total vote with 7 running."

Political Polling & PAC Reviews - Gold Medal Media Group LLC is dedicated to assisting Federal. State and Local Candidates, PACs & Advocacy Groups of all budget sizes. We thank our current and past clients for their kind words.

The CEO of Gold Medal Media Group LLC was once again nationally recognized for his political media advertising expertise and selected to judge the 2018 AAPC “Pollie Awards” in February 2018. The “Pollie Awards” are considered to be the “Oscars” of the political media industry.

"Thank you for your insight and fast work. We never could have accomplished so much in such a short time without your help."
2016 Super PAC

"Fine work! Thank you for your help.”
2014 Colorado Independent Expenditure Group

"I should say that the two previous ads were quite effective in stirring up the populace, getting the word out and motivating people to show up at public hearings. There are 3900 property tax payers in our county. We had over 450 show up at one hearing and 300 show up at another hearing and we have produced over 1000 signatures of taxpayers on a petition to the County Board of Supervisors protesting these planned tax increases."
2009 & 2013 Missouri PAC Committee Manager

"All eight television commercials are excellent. Exactly what we wanted to convey. Thank you."
2013 Nationwide Advocacy Group Director

"Thank you again for sharing your expertise last Thursday at the North Bay Ballot Measure Academy. As always, we greatly appreciate it! We have received very positive feedback from those who attended."
2007 League of California Cities

"Thank you for the great polling work. You work fast. I appreciate your professionalism and insight. The results put our campaign at ease."
2012 Maryland Clerk of Court Candidate

"The polling data collected in July for our campaign mirrored the CNN exit polls on election night. The team at Gold Medal Media Group LLC has political sense beyond polling. They care about their clients."
2006 & 2010 Texas US Senate Candidate